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Which sectors can use our CNC manufacturing services?

Computer Numerical Control or CNC machining is a manufacturing process which uses a computer program to control machine tools and create close-tolerance, high-quality parts. It frees up staff time for other tasks, while allowing for incredibly precise results, time after time.

Essentially, it’s a subtractive process, meaning that material is removed from a workpiece to produce a custom-made product or part. Computer software can provide instructions on tooling and cutting trajectories or is programmed at the machine by the skilled staff. CNC machines can operate independently as long as they are monitored periodically.

CNC machines encompass a wide range of devices, from lathes and milling machines to welders, grinders, routers and inspection machines.

Which industries use CNC manufacturing?

A number of key industry sectors use the intricate components which this manufacturing process will create, especially where custom-made parts are required to suit specific requirements.

  • The aerospace industry

Parts used in this industry must be able to withstand harsh conditions, from rapid air currents to fast speeds and considerable pressure. Additionally, exact specifications are needed for all components, since even minor mistakes could compromise integrity.

  • Oil and gas

In the petrochemical industry, parts must fit together perfectly. Otherwise, a piston may not create the right pressure, a cylinder may not fill up, or you could find yourself dealing with a leaky valve. So cylinders, valves, pistons, rods and pins created for this industry must be crafted with laser-like precision.

  • Medical industry

In this sector, to prevent infection, parts are often used just once, so the medical industry needs a ready supply of parts in a short space of time, which CNC manufacturing is very capable of doing. This kind of manufacturing is equally adept at producing prototype medical-industry parts for testing ahead of mass-production.

  • Military and defence settings

Components manufactured for this sector clearly need the robustness to handle tough, harsh environments. CNC production can also cope with regular updates as things change. Within this industry, CNC manufacturing can be used to fashion many different items, including electronics and aircraft parts, plus communications and transportation components.

  • The marine industry

It goes without saying that parts made for this sector need to be water-resistant. And, if they are to be used at sea or submerged underwater, then of course they also need to resist salt and be pressure tested before use. CNC processes unfailingly create components that are up to the task, and with the correct materials being used will resistant these harsh conditions for lengthy periods.

  • Transportation

Once again, components for this industry need to be hardwearing and long-lasting, while also being able to cope with the pressures of speed. Additionally, parts have to fit together perfectly – there is no margin for error. CNC manufacturing can also assist this sector when testing new ideas for research and development of products.

CNC manufacturing from Acutech Precision Engineering

At Acutech, we have decades of experience in precision engineering, supplying clients with high-quality parts in many different industries, as listed above. Crucially, we operate to each client’s specific needs. We also work in a number of materials including nylon and various metals among others. With both CNC and traditional milling plus turning machines supported by CNC wire erosion and spark erosion we can cater for your needs.

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