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What is bespoke precision engineering?

In one form or another, bespoke precision engineering has been around for centuries. The best way of describing it is as a process of using computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) to produce long-lasting, high-quality parts and components (including new and innovative ones) to meet tight specifications, in bulk if necessary.

With this process, thanks to computer-controlled machinery, you can create products from highly specific drawings and instructions which CAD or CAM programs input into the system. After this stage has been completed, the machine uses various tools to shape and cut away at the raw material. This makes sure that the item is a perfect match for what has been specified.

With this method, parts’ tolerance (i.e. the permitted deviation from assigned dimensions) can be measured in microns, or a thousandth of a millimetre.

Cuts are planned on-screen before machining occurs, meaning any potential snags can be spotted and rectified in advance. And when you cut, you’ll remove the least amount of raw material possible.

In short, bespoke precision engineering gives you precise, perfect products, every time.

What are the benefits of bespoke precision engineering?

There are a number of these, one of the key ones being the high level of accuracy you can achieve with this technique. At the same time, there’s much less risk of human error and need for human supervision. (Although you’ll still need highly skilled engineers to operate the advanced machines and systems involved.) Equally, you’ll experience fewer errors and faster production while enjoying greater business efficiency.

You also tackle an issue that can be a real problem in engineering and manufacturing workplaces – waste reduction. This saves money, especially where materials are expensive, and helps the environment. It’s a particular benefit if you’re producing parts en masse.

For a reduced cost compared with other methods in terms of labour and energy costs, you can produce highly complex, unique components with pinpoint accuracy and intricate detailing. What’s more, you can do all this in a quick turnaround time, without compromising on quality at all. Clearly this can be critical if you’re working to a tight deadline, and means you can grow sustainably and meet market expectations, taking on work you may not otherwise be able to complete. Machines can even work overnight if necessary, further enhancing productivity.

Why we love bespoke precision engineering

At Acutech Precision Engineering, we love doing bespoke precision projects. That’s because with them, we’re involved from the start of a job to the end, from design through to manufacturing, machining and assembly of parts. This technique also means we can offer a highly tailored service to our clients.

Come to us with a drawing or idea of what you need, or a sample. Alternatively, we can offer advice and assistance if you’re not sure of what you require, or how to put everything together. Get in touch today to find out more.