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What are the advantages of batch production?

Batch production explained

Batch production suits a broad range of goods, sectors and businesses, from food-based items to pharmaceuticals, clothing and chemicals. In a nutshell, if a factory or machinery can produce multiple goods on a single set of equipment, you’d chose batch production.

With this manufacturing method, products are made in specified groups or amounts, within a specific timeframe. You shouldn’t confuse it with mass or continuous production, during which the product or process won’t be changed or checked so often. Instead, batch production is for when you need smaller production quantities at a time to guarantee particular quality standards or process changes. Products are finished in a series of steps or stages, and the overall process is both agile and efficient.

It’s ideal if you have a product which, for whatever reason, doesn’t need to be made continually, or if you want to scale up production of a good which had formerly only been produced by manual labour.

So what are the benefits of batch production?

Businesses find that batch production can be beneficial in various ways, including:

  • Greater quality control at various points along the production process, so that you reduce the risk of wasting materials and can make checks at each stage of the process
  • The ability to manufacture goods on demand, meaning shorter production lead times
  • Because quantities are smaller, you can produce a greater variety of goods on the same production line, so you can be agile in your response to supply and demand and don’t have to concentrate on just one product
  • Equipment is used efficiently and almost never underused, since potentially you can accommodate any number of production processes
  • It’s clearly more cost-effective to produce a batch of a product rather than one item at a time
  • There is a high level of flexibility if you produce more or less of certain items at particular times of year
  • If there is a problem with one batch, it’s cheaper to discard than thousands of products on a continuous cycle

Batch production at Acutech Precision Engineering

For the last two decades, we’ve specialised in engineering machining, especially CNC milling and turning. We make the most of the many benefits of batch production for our varied client base, using state-of-the-art equipment at our Norfolk HQ. Let us supply your business with the engineering parts you need, either from your own designs and drawings or using our complete services. Get in touch today to learn more.