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Laser Marking/Etching Services

Laser Marking (Etching) is a great way to get your brand noticed by easily adding your company logo to the product.
This important but commonly overlooked process means that products can easily be associated with the company by the customer.
Etching is also a good way of getting instructions for use onto the product where needed or warning symbols.
Serial, QR and barcodes can also be easily etched onto components for batch identification.
No matter how big or small the component is, laser etching is easily scaled to suit without loss of definition.
With a wide range of applications combined with a variety of materials that can be marked, this process is getting more commonly used by a wide spectrum of industries.

Laser Etching

Laser Fibre Marking

Warning Symbols

Logo Branding

Customers can easily identify the Company who manufactured the component.

Laser Fibre Marking Machine

Laser Marking for instruction for use purposes.

Logo etched on a 9.5mm DIA component.