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Batch Production

Batch production is used by many types of manufacturing industries.
It is also a good way to make your components more cost effective. This is down to the programming and set up times being dividable by the quantity of components ordered.
Batch production can and usually go through a series of steps in the manufacturing process to make the final desired product. The finished item can also consist of multiple parts.
Here at Acutech Precision Engineering we have bar fed CNC lathes for turned, hexagon or square components with the added features of driven tooling and c-axis. Driven tooling and a c-axis means that the machine is more versatile and can machine multi sided polygons and cross drill and tap holes all in one operation. These are supported by 5 Hurco CNC milling centres for ease of production runs.
All this adds up to a smooth running batch production line making it more cost effective for our customers.

Multiple components make up the final item

CNC Milled Batch Production Run

Turned Nylon Batch Production

Small sample of CNC Milled Batch Production

CNC Turned and Milled multi operation batch production

Smaller volume batch

Multiple items making up the final item for the customer