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Experience and expertise combined

CNC Milling, CNC Turning, Wire Erosion, Spark Erosion


Quality engineering in many materials

PEEK, S/Steel, Copper, Aluminium, Carbon steels, Aluminium bronze, Phospher bronze, Plastics.


4th axis milling

Easily machining complex parts.


From one off development through to production.

Using Solidworks to help us share your vision.

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Acutech Precision Engineering Services in Norfolk

Acutech Precision Engineering – your next step to realising your vision.

Our Precision Engineering Services

Surface Finishing Engineering

Adding a surface finish to your items not only makes a difference…

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Faro digitise web pic

Spark Erosion Services in Norfolk

With our ability to CNC machine and wire erode electrodes, spark erosion…

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Spark erosion

Surface Grinding Services in Norfolk

Although milling offers ever improving finished, sometimes surface…

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Our CNC Machining Services

CNC Turning Services

CNC Turning is most commonly thought of for round DIA components…

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Wheel Hubs web pic

CNC Milling Services

Benefitting from five Hurco machining centres, two with 4th axis…

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Wire Erosion Services

The process of Wire Erosion enables us to cut difficult to machine conductive…

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Precision Wired Insert

Our Bespoke Engineering Projects

Combustion chamber 2 web pic

A modern twist

Using modern technology on an early 1900 engine cylinder head.

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Wind Powered Car

Another interesting project worked on was the wind powered car, a battery powered Lotus…

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Prototype Bell Housing outside web pic

Prototype Drive System parts

Rather than castings, these parts were milled from solid to facilitate dyno testing of…

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